Happy New Year

Xpress Wall Systems BLOG POST #3

Before we begin this post, The Xpress Team would like to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for taking your time to visit our first post of 2020.

2019 was a big year for Xpress Wall Systems as it was our foundation year. During our first year, we completed many great installs and had the opportunity to meet a variety of fantastic people from the building industry.

During our time in 2019, the Xpress Wall Systems team grew greatly and has now become a big family. Everyone is so talented in their own field and definitely know how to Xpress themselves!

We are all grateful for each other’s amazing efforts, tireless hard work, dedication and most importantly, personal sacrifice.

2020 is now here and we don’t plan on stopping! Because why stop something you love doing?

Xpress Wall Systems wants to remind everyone to focus on what is important in their lives and cherish it. If you have a dream or a goal, go for it, if someone tells you it’s probably not a good idea, go harder, the last thing you’d ever want is lying in bed, thinking about why you didn’t, why did I stop? trust me, the regret will hurt longer!

We hope everyone is starting their year positively with a tonne of motivation! Believe in yourselves, trust your instincts and create your own amazing story.

Before we end this post, Xpress Wall Systems would like to thank some very important people who helped Xpress Wall Systems to be what it is today!

The amazing team at Dincel, led by Alex Rosovick and his team. Scott Giannuzzi for having the trust and belief in the Xpress team to begin the Xpress journey on his project.

Special mentions to Andrew Healey and the Bowens Team. Peter Fanous from Perpetual Projects, thank you for making our vision a reality.

– Xpress Wall Systems

Watch the 2019 recap video of Xpress Wall Systems below!

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