Install Only

If you have already sourced your own Dincel Structural Walling products, the Xpress Wall Systems team are more than happy to be your choice of installers.

The install team at Xpress Wall Systems are qualified and experienced installers of the Dincel Structural Walling System that have undergone special training. At Xpress Wall Systems, it is mandatory that our installation procedures follow the correct building and construction industry guidelines to ensure a safe install from beginning and end of the project.

Our Install Only services are much more than just installing the Dincel Structural Walling Panels.  We also provide:

  • Pre and Post site Inspection
  • Technical Support
  • Install of all reinforcement steel to the Dincel Structural Walls
  • Install of waterproofing
  • Supply & Install of all fixing and propping to walls
  • Supply & Install of all screws and other necessary materials
  • Install of Concrete to the Dincel Structural Walls
  • Supervision of Concrete Pump
  • Inspection for Pre-Core Fill & Post-Core Fill
  • Waste removal of all excess Dincel Structural Wall panels
  • Site clean
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