Technical Support

By having Architects, Structural Engineers and the team at DINCEL working closely with Xpress Wall Systems, we can help you with any technical questions that you have.

Having these experienced professionals as part of the Xpress Team is very important to the success and viability of a project. What makes us unique is that the team behind Xpress Wall Systems have the ability to provide a solution to a build that saves time and money for builder or developer.

All questions are important to us, so do not hesitate to call us or send us a message using our email or Instagram details!


How We Can Help You

  • We can integrate Dincel Structural Walling System into any structural wall system design
  • We can redesign plans that have already been stamped and approved for block work, shotcrete, AFS Walling Solutions and any other construction wall method
  • We can provide you technical support from our Architects, Structural Engineers and the team at DINCEL
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