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In 2006, the product known as Dincel Walling was engineered and manufactured to what is now a leading structural walling solution for building and construction. The Dincel permanent formwork has been developed to meet the demand and pace of today’s building developments; addressing cost, speed, compliance, defects, design possibilities, building longevity and livability (Dincel, 2019).

The Dincel Structural Walls can also be integrated throughout a whole building design from deep excavation basements through lift shafts, stairwells, walls, columns and facades up to 60 storeys high (Dincel, 2019).

The system connects together by a unique patented snap-lock joint for a fast installation.

The way the unique system of Dincel works increases the speed of construction. It allows floor formwork placement to take place on day 1 which removes the vertical elements from the critical path and reduces the floor cycle time (Dincel, 2019).

Dincel Walling is intended for the use of suitably qualified and experienced architects and engineers and other building professionals. The Xpress Wall Systems team are fully qualified installers and suppliers of Dincel Walling that have access to Architects, Structural Engineers and also the team at Dincel.

The Xpress Wall Systems Team are registered with experienced professionals which is very important for a successful and viable outcome of all projects.

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The design of the Dincel System has many other benefits which are listed below.

  • Lightweight polymer panels
  • ‘Snap-Lock’ technology
  • Fast Installation
  • Prevents mould and mildew
  • Less Reinforcing
  • No air voids
  • Internal crack control
  • Fire resistance tested
  • Easy to render or clad
  • Waterproof certified

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